Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Quiet Week

This last week was a quiet one, due primarily to the fact that Amanda and the kids were out of town visiting her grandparents in Wisconsin and parents in Minneapolis.  So it began on Sunday with them leaving before 7:00 am, due to the fact that Lilly and Ben were up around 5:30 - excited to go see Grandma.

So, after they departed I spent nearly two hours cleaning out my nearly 300 email messages and transferring the necessary ones to my school email.  A necessary evil.  Then I took off for Des Moines, more specifically Jordan Creek Mall so that I could see "The Dark Night Rises."  I was surprised when I arrived and the theatre was nearly half full.  The movie had been out for nearly a month and I thought most people had already seen it, but perhaps there were more people like myself who had put off seeing it until they had more time.  I was very pleased with the movie, probably my favorite of the three done by Chris Nolan starring Christian Bale.  After the movie I dropped $200 on four pairs of shoes - two black dress shoes, one pair of brown loafers, and a black and red pair of New Balance sneakers.  I'm set for the year!  From there I spent a good amount of time at Office Max, got my hair cut, and then some groceries.

Monday was a productive day in the office.  I spent the evening making another pass through the building, this time verifying what clocks were operational and whether or not each room had an intercom.  I didn't finish this project until 11:30.

Tuesday I was back in the office finalizing the map and clock inventory before heading out for the SAI Pre-Conference led by Doug Reeves.  I was a little disappointed, but it was an opportunity for the Sup. and I to discuss our current practices and for me to get a little more up to speed on the district's philosophies.  I spent the evening with a good friend so I didn't have to drive back and forth, and was up late again - this time putting together my Board Report.  

I awoke early Wednesday, polished off the Board Report and was back downtown for SAI.  The morning was kicked off by Michael Fullan and Doug Reeves in a question answer session on the future of education.  Great stuff here.  From there I headed to a session on evaluating student work to determine the rigor of student learning in digital projects - another great session.  I had the pleasure of eating lunch with my mentor, in addition to Kent Stock.  It was great to talk with Kent about what's going on with him and I hope to get him to CRB to speak in the near future.  The afternoon sessions included a discussion of PLCs by Webster City CSD and balancing initiatives by Iowa Falls-Alden.  The day was concluded by Gov. Terry Branstad, Lt. Gov. Kim Reynolds, and Director of the Dept. of Education Jason Glass.  I was able to socialize for a couple hours and catchup with some friends before I headed for home.

Thursday was a busy day - Registration Day!  The day was a great opportunity for me to bond with my admin and for me to get to know a few more students and parents.  After Registration ended at 7:30, I spent the next three hours helping move elementary classrooms from Deal the CRB Elementary.  It was a long day!

Friday was another productive day in the office.  I got in early made a few adjustments to the arrangement of my office, which made it cleaner and messy-er all at the same time.  I also met with our At-Risk consultants and was pleased to hear they were on-board with our changes to the PE/Health schedule.  But the best meeting of the day was the one I had with our newly hired Director of Technology.  We're on the same page, now it's just a matter of executing.  Later in the afternoon I was able to get our satellite tv "fixed" and happy to have some entertainment back in my life.  I returned to school to snap a few pictures but was sidetracked by the Sup and Board Pres.  I ended the week with a good conversation with the Sup. and feel like we're heading in the right direction.  After my meeting with the Sup. I spoke with both of the cheerleading coaches for about an hour and welcomed the VB girls as they spent the evening at the school for a lock-in.  I was also pleasantly surprised to hear from Amanda that they had decided to come home a day/12 hours early!  So I backed up, headed for home, and cleaned house in anticipation for their mid-night arrival.

Saturday was a busy day!  I spent the morning assembling a new desk, spent nearly three hours with the student council around lunch time, and then the evening was devoted to assembling a cabinet - not one of my finer moments of the day.

Sunday was productive.  Ben, Lil and I got groceries in the morning - returned and began to assemble some shelving for the kitchen, washed a couple loads of laundry, made lunch, folded a couple loads of laundry, hung a few items on the walls, made dinner, talked to my folks, read a little of my book, and started blogging.

This next week should be a productive one.  Tomorrow night is a school board night, Tuesday afternoon I'm partaking in a webinar on Strengths-based Leadership, Wednesday my brother is in town, Thursday is orientation for the new staff, and Friday is our kick-off as teachers officially return to work.  We're hoping to head to the Fair on Saturday as a family, but we'll see and then a week from Wednesday we begin in earnest.  Hard to believe, but school is just around the corner.  Lots to do, but not too many quiet days left - that's for sure.

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