Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ramping Up

It was another busy week, but more productive than any of the previous two.  Looking forward to this week, it's gonna be a long one - especially without Amanda and the kids!

Looking back, Monday was spent with a good friend who is in her final year of an administrative program at Viterbo.  She helped me on many different levels, but most importantly we "mapped" the entire building!  With the new addition, a whole school intercom system is being installed and it has been a tedious process - considering that there are four different sections of the building.  The original 1970s junior/senior high, a 1990s intermediate (4-6) addition, 2003 remodel, and this year's PK-3 addition.  This has resulted in a wide variety of different wiring configurations.  But on Monday I opened every door, closet, and discovered that the "Master Key" indeed isn't a "master".  There were approximately five doors that I couldn't open.  It was a good tour and something I should have done earlier, but a great way to familiarize myself with the building! I was surprised as to how many rooms were in the "interior" of the building and lacked windows, even to a hallway.  It will be interesting to discuss this with the staff as they arrive.

Monday, also saw me make my first hiring recommendation - for the positions of cheerleading coach, of which we have three.  Two qualified and passionate young women interviewed well, and I am happy to say will both be mentoring our young ladies!

Tuesday was another day of off-site meetings, this time in Boone at the Iowa High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) in conjunction with the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU).  Another information dump, but good stuff.  I was lucky to hear from Scott Kibby, newly hired Activities Director at Iowa City West, and former Cedar Rapids Jefferson Activities Director.  He spoke about transitioning and hiring practices.  Good stuff.

Later that afternoon I was able to play some golf with some friends, a much needed reprieve.  It was warm, and I got home late, but it was fun - especially since it was only my second round of golf of the year.  And, I played well enough to go home happy.

Wednesday was August 1st, which meant a host of people were welcomed back to school - specifically the administrative assistants.  From elementary to high school, all three admins were back at it, and it felt like an office!  Likewise, the Guidance Counselor (GC) and Curriculum Director (CD) "officially" reported for duty.  I say officially, because it's as if they never left, they both have been fixtures at the school all summer, but now they're here for good.  The GC and I were able to sit down and discuss the master schedule.  Thursday we met with the Curriculum Director (CD) to make more tweaks, and there are some more likely to come, but I'm confident we've got a well-planned and highly effective schedule for our students and teachers.  I'm most excited about a switch we made in our PE/Health.  Instead of "Health" standing alone, during second hour it will be opposite of PE.  The Health curriculum will now "touch" all 9-12 students and incorporate guidance, the state of Iowa's "I Have A Plan" program, and CRB's Coaching in the Classroom (CIC).  Of course, this must be addressed with the Health/PE instructor and our CIC sponsors, but I think it is something that all parties will embrace - except maybe the students.

Wednesday afternoon I was able to sit with the CD and our AEA School Improvement Consultant and really map out our first day with staff.  This was very informative for me and something I really enjoyed.  I really do look forward to the instructional leadership tasks of my job!  I'm trying to track down a motivational speaker, we'll see what I can finalize.

Thursday started early with a meeting with my mentor.  We agreed to meet at a dinner outside of Templeton, but when I arrived I found it closed - sign read "Off to Mayo to Visit My Sister."  So we traveled to Manning, and I enjoyed a great breakfast and good conversation.  He will most definitely be an asset this year.  We'll meet face-to-face periodically throughout the year, but digitally frequently!

I met later in the day with the CTE teachers, very briefly; sat with the Sup. and a reporter from the Carroll Daily Times Herald.  There were so many different meetings during the day that I didn't get as much accomplished as I had hoped during the day so I returned that evening to work on a few items.  I ended up leaving a little after 11, but was not the last to leave.  Because as I was exiting the parking lot, to my surprise, the construction crews were still hard at it in the new addition.  Guess they really want to meet their deadline.

Friday was a "work day."  As the Sup. headed to Cedar Rapids to pick up 70 desktops and an anticipated 50 laptops (we only ended up with 20 laptops).  So I was able to work.  Didn't feel I was as productive as I would have liked, but nonetheless it was a day to "get-r-done."  I was happy to send an email to all staff members inviting them to "migrate" to our new email.  I haven't gotten a lot of emails asking how to access the new accounts, but I'm sure there will be plenty in the time between now and when school starts.  I also finally made the time to review the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and found a couple items that need addressing.  Likewise, finally made the time to review the Faculty Handbook, again, a couple items need addressing!  But the highlight of the day was lunch.  I was happy to sit with the two admin assistants and GC for lunch.  We enjoyed good conversation and hope we're building positive relationships.

Saturday was a "work day" at home!  I was happy to have my uncle help me demo and construct our bathroom in preparation for the installation of a new shower, tub and vanity this week.  The second floor bathroom had a 1970s "cast iron" tub that we busted in to pieces and hauled to the garage.  Hope the plumber is able to get everything "installed" so that when Amanda and the kids return on Saturday everything is operable.

Today, Sunday, Lilly and Ben were up early in anticipation for the trip to Grandmas!  Actually, first off to Grandma Itsy's then off to Minneapolis.  I think Lil was in our bed at 5:15, and Ben by 5:45.  So Amanda decided to move on it.  They were gone by 6:45.  I made the decision to head to Des Moines to catch The Dark Knight Rises, my favorite of the three!  Spent the rest of the day shopping - first to DSW, then to Office Max (my happy place - if only I had more money), then a haircut, next the grocery store, and then home.  I had a splitting headache, took a two hour nap, then hotdogs for dinner, and then an hour bike ride.  And that brings me to the last couple hours.  Olympic coverage and blogging.

My plan for the week, up early tomorrow and get as much accomplished as possible.  One afternoon technology meeting, other than that it should be a productive Monday!  Tuesday and Wednesday will be the Sup. and me in Des Moines for SAI's Annual Conference.  Thursday is registration (7:30-7:30), and Friday another work day.  Then Saturday - Amanda and the kids return.  It's going to go fast, but it's awfully quite around here.  If I wake up, I'm going to school.  Gonna make the most of the time, but that's what I told myself today and I didn't get much accomplished.  Rest - I guess, and four pairs of shoes.

Missing my family already!

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