Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 1

A busy day one is officially in the books.  The itinerary was as follows:

6:00 - Alarm
7:00 - Arrive at Office, unpack boxes
8:30 - Move file "fire-proof" file cabinets
9:00 - Meeting with Sup. delayed until 10:00
10:00 - Meeting with Sup.
11:30 - Home for Lunch  (kids off for swimming lessons)
12:10 - Meeting with Guidance Counselor  (schedule)
1:15 - Computer Assigned
2:00 - Meeting with Admin. Asst.  (AA)
3:45 - Family arrives, debrief
4:45 - Off for home
5:45 - Dinner
6:30 - Back for Buildings/Grounds Meeting
8:45 - Home, tuck in kids
9:30 - Call Mom & Dad
10:00 - Blog

Best meeting of the day, hands down with AA.  She's going to be a God-send.  She's got ideas and I like 'em.  Should be a great help as we get into the school year!

Biggest disappointment - MacBook Pro Computer.  Debated over Toshiba and MacBook, thinking about going with the Toshiba, might be easier and more compatible as most everyone is PC.  But we'll see how tomorrow goes and if I can get things set up and to my liking.

Amanda was the star of the day.  She was busy, busy, busy with work but juggled the kids as the "nanny"/baby-sitter had senior pictures this morning.  It was great to get home at lunch, to visit with her and process the morning, then even better to visit while preparing dinner, and wrap up the day with a chat about the afternoon and evening.

It's going to definitely be an adjustment for Lilly and Ben.  Glad I got to see them for the 10 minutes at lunch, and again at dinner.  Not looking forward to being an "absent" father, with all the meetings, events, and "duties as assigned."  But hope they'll just get accustomed to the new normal, but looking forward to showing them off at events - like tomorrow night's baseball game.

Tomorrow promises to be an opportunity to get more accomplished.  AA will be in again to answer questions, plan to meet with the Curriculum Director in the am, and athletic director in the PM; but other than that should be an opportunity to get some work done.  We'll see how much is accomplished. Looking forward to the drive to Adel for the baseball game, hope it results in a State appearance - like our chances!

For now, signing off.

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  1. Well, this is going to be fun...following your every move! How exciting! You're on the right track and believe you me, I'll let you know if you stray...
    You're so pumped and ready for this adventure--I see much success in your future. KHA